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One tournament will be exclusively for media-types, and the other will let the general public into the act. QuakeCon 99 will be held in Mesquite, Texas from August Ah, the life of a gaming journalist. How, you may ask, did I pull this off? Woo hoo! After a tense 1 0 minutes, I see the band, f first exchange hellos with Gene, then Peter Paul is off talking to some roadie — what a jerk.

But then comes my personal moment of truth: meeting Ace Frehley. This is the man that made me want to play guitar. And not just any guitar. It hadXo be a Les Paul.

I used to think there was nothing cooler than Ace, in mid-solo, on his knees with his back on the floor while smoke and fire poured from the pickups of his Les Paul Custom, In fact. I'm still hard pressed to find anything cooler. This man was my own personal guitar hero I can't tell you how cool this was. Yet, as soon as they had appeared, they were gone. If this CGW gig doesn't pan out.


The Remedy guys and I then ran back out to the arena to see a great show, which included blood spitting; fire breath- ing; guitars that shot rockets, fire, and sparks; huge columns of flame; and some of the best rock and roll ever written. The Interview My interview with Gene Simmons was scheduled for the next day. Gene showed up sans make-up but wearing an outrageous outfit nonetheless: a loose, button-down blue oxford shirt presumably to cover his gut , the mandatory rock-star shades, and.

I kid you not. Gene has a reputation of being a com- pletely egotistical bastard, but he turned out to be a nice guy. He was very open and answered all of our stupid fan questions Q: How much do your outfits weigh? A: About 40 pounds. A: Destroyer, Creatures of the Night, and Revenge. He also talked about some touchier subjects, such as when I asked about how it was touring with Ace and Peter again.

This question brought a pause. Now Ace and Peter are fantastic, perfect gentlemen. I can forgive, but I won't forget. Oy vey. The game is very early in development, but Gene said that he and Mike Wiison of GOD are now hard at work on the project. At the end of the interview I had Gene sign everything in sight, and the Remedy guys and I hit the road.

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It was only as we were driving to he Remedy offices that we realized we had skipped out on the check. Thanks for lunch, Gene. And thanks for the rock and roll, too. You be the judge. Here's a roundup of 10 recent games and their corresponding review scores in the major gaming mags and Web sites.

All scores use each publication's own sconng system. Presumed dead two years ago, the genre is now hotter than ever. Look, Intel, we just forked over ail our cash for Pentium Ms, okay?


Truly the end of an era. These include better production queues, gathering points, a global trade system, troop formations, and the ability to put defensive units inside towers and other buildings. The game is a 3D real-time strategy game set in outer space.

You'll play one of two unique races set on the usual course of exploration and combat. In the eye candy department, the develop- ers showed off some truly stunning special effects, while also demonstrating a very sophisticated Conquest: Frontier Wars "Fleet Admiral" Al, which you can assign to instruct your fleets to attack or defend while you're tak- ing care of business elsewhere in the universe. Microsoft Football Presumed dead or at least 1 for over a year now, Microsoft's first football game is in fact still alive and kick- ing — and actually looks good.

Fluid 3D animation and a clean, accessible interface made this look good on a purely aesthetic level — we'll get back to you later on to see just how well it actually plays. You'll buy merchandise low, sell it high, and cover your back the whole way. If our initial impressions hold true, this sci-fi game will have the sense of style and cinematic flair rarely seen in computer games — the opening sequence of the demo we saw depicted an impressive cityscape boasting ships that dart back and forth across the screen.

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  • SlarCraft Exp. Rainbow 6 IRed Storml 9 3 1 5.

    Against the Grain

    Fallout II lirtemlavl 3 3 6. SimCitv lOectnnic Arts! Microsoft Combat FHgtit Sim. We do what every other white collar employee does: surf the Web. Starting this nioiUli, look to this space for monthly Web site recommendations from the CGW edi- tors. As our standing recommendation, of course, be sure to check out www.

    Denny's Pick www. To that end, Microsoft is playing it smart by pricing it at a bargain-bin S The first, the Sidewinder Game Pad Pro is the next evolution of the popu- lar game pad, the most notable feature being a directional pad that won't actually destroy your thumb. Besides a better ergonomic design, the accurate and informative PC hardware sites on the Net.

    We'd call him the future Loyd Case, but he's young enough that he still has hope for a life outside geekdom.


    Joe's Pick www. Ken's Pick www.

    Nobledark Imperium Notes

    TC's Pick www. This time around, you play a bounty hunter named Ashe in pursuit of a criminal overlord named Bishop over the course of about 20 long missions. The game's big selling point, besides Zurovec's track record, is the ability to choose at times whether to pursue your prey on foot or in one of 1 5 customizable vehicles. The drawback? It's not slated for release until Spring And More Other games were also on dis- play.

    Discriminating Readers

    Loose Cannon d-pad was also redesigned to allow for both pro- portional and digital control. Microsoft also unveiled a contraption tenta- tively called "Zulu," which is a gamepad designed for 3D shooters. The pad offers the standard d-pad and buttons, but also includes a rotating ball mechanism called the "Perspective Control" attached to the controller's right side, which allows for free- looking.

    Even those of us married to our mouse and key- boards had to admit that the Zulu was easy to use. I t sucks being us. Every month, the CGFV editors get bombaided wHh all sorts of trinkets, doodads, and freebies from game companies trying to get our attention. Racers, start your mayhem.