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En todos los casos, el tratamiento definitivo fue yodo radioactivo. La agranulocitosis inducida por metimazol es un evento adverso serio y potencialmente mortal. Predominant por B1A and por B1B genotypes and correlation of gene mutations with drug resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates in Eastern China.

Full Text Available Abstract Background Variations of por B1A and por B1B genes and their serotypes exist in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates from different geographical areas, and some site mutations in the por B1B gene correlate with drug resistance. Penicillin and tetracycline resistance was assessed by an in vitro drug sensitivity test.

Results Of the N. Two hundred and twelve All the replacement mutations at these sites in Por B1B were correlated with resistance and the deletion mutation showed the highest resistance. Multiple mutations in por B1B genes, including novel A and N deletions, are correlated with high levels of penicillin and tetracycline resistance. Las causas externas registradas en el periodo fueron: Estudio del modelo de desgaste propuesto por Archard.

Abortos por Neosporacaninum em bovinos do sul de Minas Gerais. Os achados demonstram que o N. Charles Darwin's notion of a 'struggle for existence' has been appropriated by several intellectual currents of opinion, and used for various political purposes. It has served to support free market capitalism, as an apologia of individualism, the market, the end of monopolies, and competition. Conservative conceptions have been based on it: On the other hand, the idea of a struggle for existence has been worked on by intellectuals who argued that it was related to solidarity and cooperation. Manoel Bomfim was influenced by Darwin and used his ideas to form arguments which have led his interpreters to see him as a 'radical' and original author.

Garcia Marquez: Historia De Un Deicidio

Encefalitis del tallo cerebral y mielitis por Listeria monocytogenes. La Criatura de Frankenstein y la lucha por el reconocimiento.

The essential condition to build identity is the recognition from each to other. That is why identity can not be obtain in the sense of solitarious consciousness, but requires of intersubjetivity.

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The Creature becomes deprived of recognition, even by Frankenstein who has created him. This Creature becomes perverse because this privation, when the most elemental right of human being so as being someone and having an identity, is denied to him. His wickedness is the secondary effect of exclusion and suffering. Por eso la identidad no se puede adquirir en el plano subjetivo de la conciencia solitaria sino que precisa de la intersubjetividad.

La criatura se ve privada de reconocimiento, incluso por parte de Frankenstein, que lo ha engendrado. Se evidenciaron larvas rabditiformes de Strongyloides stercoralis en esputo y materia fecal. Se cuestiona el papel que cumplen las instituciones educativas al avalar a educadores con personalidad narcisista que inducen a estas enfermedades. Posibilidad de cobro de derechos universitarios por actividades de posgrado. Brechas en bordos de arcilla formadas por desbordamiento. Detenga las infecciones por C. Brote por Salmonella enteritidis en trabajadores de un hospital. Eugenia; Higuera-Iglesias Anjarath L.

Se ha demostrado que el consumo de frutas y hortalizas tiene un efecto beneficioso para la salud. Foram testados protocolos para Estudio molecular de pacientes colombianos afectados por enanismo esencial. Afastamento do trabalho por transtornos mentais e estressores psicossociais ocupacionais. O perfil da maioria dos participantes era: MicroCuenca, una apuesta por la lectura. MicroCuenca a commitment to reading; It is a project that seeks to promote reading through short stories, specifically micro-stories.

Where abstract and concrete texts and pictures that revolve around the city of Cuenca and its p Shoulder injuries after an electrical shock are rare. We report seven cases with dislocation and fractures of the shoulder due to electrocution. Parto inducido por embarazo prolongado Induced delivery in prolonged gestation. Variables of mother, birth and conception product were taken, and percentage method was applied to data collected. The most frequent cause of cesarean section.

Enfermedad cardiovascular en pacientes cubanos afectados por Ataxia de Friedreich. Por uma geografia dos povos a partir de suas comunidades. Tratamento da anemia ferropriva com ferro por via oral. La Gran Guerra vista por Spielberg.

War Horse Caballo de batalla significa el regreso a un territorio explorado y querido1 por el autor de E. Insuficiencia renal aguda inducida por mordedura de serpiente Bothrops. El maltrato a personas mayores atendidas por los Servicios Sociales. La presente tesis trata sobre el maltrato a las personas mayores MPM.

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Full Text Available En Chile existen 1. Es decir, estamos acumulandopara el futuro. Efectividad de la acupuntura con tachuela en afectados por epicondilitis. Homenaje a Rosario Camacho. Por Antonio Bonet Correa. Letalidad por accidentes de trabajo en Villa Clara.

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The problem of letality from working accidents in the province of Villa Clara from to was evaluated. The main causes were also determined. Individual negligent behaviour proved to be the first cause.

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More deaths from working accidents were registered late in the s. Most of these accidents occurred at the working place. It was stressed the important role played by the medical team at the working institutions. When deaf parents want to have a deaf children, Are they crazy? Are they advocates of a culture —the Deaf culture? If genetic engineering can give us health, intelligent, and athletic childrens, why say not to this advantages? The aim of this article is not to deal with all objections that could be urged against these options; the purpose is developing a clear understanding of the central values at stake.

Factores de riesgo asociados a la mortalidad por enterocolitis necrotizante. Determinar la presencia de anticuerpos a B. La seropositividad general fue de 1. La presencia de reactores puede estar asociado con falsos positivos. El no aislamiento de la bacteria no indica que la enfermedad no exista por lo que se requiere de nuevos estudios. Os animais eram encontrados mortos ou morriam subitamente quando movimentados. El apoyo social en la mujer maltratada por su pareja. Full Text Available En este estudio descriptivo mediante encuestas analizamos el apoyo social en tres grupos de mujeres maltratadas: Full Text Available An artificial neural network is proposed as a tool for predicting from three parameters weld time, current intensity and electrode sort if the quality of a resistance spot weld reaches a certain level or not.

The quality is determined by cross tension testing. The fact of reaching this quality level or not is the desired output that goes with each input of the artificial neural network during its supervised learning. Full Text Available The system of construction whereby successive extensions of a cantilevered structure are carried out has made it possible to extend, to an extraordinary extent, the free spans of straight section prestressed concrete bridges.

At present the Bendorf bridge is being constructed, whose central span in ms long. This system was first used in Brazil, for the construction of an ordinary reinforced concrete bridge over the river Peixe. But the method fell into disuse, except for very few exceptions, until Firsterwalder against brought it up to date 20 years later, when building the Neckar bridge, made of prestressed concrete.

With new technique all the advantages of the system could be exploited, as well as achieving a very rapid construction. This constructional procedure leads directly to the structural type known as compensated cantilevers. T shaped cells are attached together by means of prestressing cables to form advancing cantilevers. Thereby a total bridge structure is formed, whose span is twice that of each cantilevered half.

This method can be applied to other bridge types, such as dintels with overhanging sections this was the first new application, single span portal frames, T portal frames, continuous beams, etc. The typical constructional method is to move the formwork, which is anchored and cantilevered beyond the constructed part.

A weekly progress of 3,50 ms is normal. It is also possible to employ prefabricated sections, which are successively joined to the ones already in place. Owing to the length of this article, it will be published in several successive issues. Actualmente se construye el puente de Bendorf con tramo central de metros. At present the Bendorf bridge is being constructed, whose central span is m long.