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They tell stories of the future and how all the dots connect in a meaningful way. And they put those stories of the future into context. Instead, Visionary Leaders focus on meaningful trends and insights that will play a role in shaping the future in a relevant way. If you want to build your capacity for vision and develop your skills as a Visionary Leader, start to pay attention to signs of the future and connect the dots in a meaningful way.

With great practice, comes great progress, and progressing even a little in Visionary Leadership can make a world of difference for you and those around you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. About Articles Books Courses Resources. JD Meier Innovation.

Leaders, Leadership & Visionary Strategists – Part 1

Personal Development. Leadership Personal Effectiveness. Visionary Leaders see things early and they connect the dots. This is the kind of innovative thinking practiced by many visionary leaders. In fact, they require intense mental exercise. Once in a while, you should try to disconnect a little and think about alternatives to how things are being done at your organization.

A Visionary Leader

This might become your best strategy for seeing the future of your organization and developing your vision accordingly. No innovation is possible without that kind of breakthrough thinking. Your mind processes lots of information every day, so if you allow it a quiet moment, it might reveal to you great advances which can revolutionize the company or even the entire industry practice.

Visionaries know that gathering data and developing a vision is just a part of the game. The other part is based on testing the vision on others and getting their feedback.

4 Ways to Be a Visionary Leader in the Digital Age | Workfront

Once you develop a gut feeling which allows you to tell the difference between long and short-term changes, you can start building insights to help you imagine what might be possible for your organization. First check them with professionals you trust, making sure to ask them about what could possibly go wrong with this line of thinking. Choose people who are engaged in business development and have a drive towards innovation.

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They should also be courageous enough and willing to try out new approaches and strategies. Sometimes it pays off to pay attention to employees who complain the most — they might become your greatest advocates once you manage to convince them.

How to become a visionary leader

Testing will help you to identify potential challenges to your vision and gradually gain you support at your organization. Communication is key in visionary leadership. After all, who else can make your vision a reality if not employees of the organization? You need to gain their support, so invest time and effort communicating vision in a concise and simple way.

Visionary leaders realize that they could never achieve anything without a dose of courage and confidence. Believe in yourself, and others will be willing to believe in your vision as well.

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This is what makes the vision more appealing to others. It helps to develop revolutionary solutions for solving problems that require lots of thinking and are characterized by unusual complexity.

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