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With pervasive gender inequality and widespread impunity , part of the reason for the epidemic of violence against women may simply be that assailants believe that they can get away with it. Yolanda Blanco, a government lawyer who co-founded the soccer club at the dusty San Salvador field where Dani and Sofia play, explained that gang members take revenge on rivals through the murder and rape of their sisters and daughters.

A few days after visiting the soccer field, I met Ingrid, a year-old woman from a northern suburb of San Salvador, at a hotel.

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Ingrid, along with her 3-year-old daughter and her family, had gone into hiding, and needed a safe location to meet. When in the eighth grade, she got a boyfriend and soon dropped out of school. Two years later, he became a member of a faction of Barrio 18, after the gang threatened to go after his sister if he refused to join.

He would get drunk, beat her, rape her, and forbid her from using contraceptives, she told me. After one beating, she was hospitalized, and learned she was pregnant. The doctors told her she might lose her child because of her injuries. Yet when Ingrid later gave birth to her daughter, her boyfriend promised to stop the abuse, and pushed her to get married. Shortly after, the beatings started anew, and she ultimately left her then-husband. Still, he eventually found them. When I spoke to Ingrid, she told me she had considered applying for a visa to travel to the United States.

She had even mulled the possibility of traveling north with her baby, either to claim asylum at the border, or enter America illegally. That includes the right to safely leave abusive partners and report sexual and domestic violence, or even the right to higher education or economic opportunity. Celina de Sola, who runs a community-development NGO called Glasswing International, emphasized that girls are not inherently vulnerable.

Instead, she said, the violence in El Salvador is exacerbating existing external factors —like high rates of school dropouts and teen pregnancies—to further imperil young Salvadoran women. While one-third of Salvadorans live in poverty, the unemployment rate for toyear-olds is double the national average; , in that age group neither work nor study. Many girls face these long odds with young children: A quarter of young women between the ages 15 and 19 have already become pregnant, the highest rate in Latin America.

Amid all this, the Trump administration has cut annual refugee acceptances for people from the Caribbean and Latin America from 5, to 1, It also ended two programs for Central-American minors, which enabled those with family in the United States to apply in their home countries for refugee status or humanitarian parole. The abrupt termination of these programs stranded thousands of children in imminent danger. Most of the 13, applicants came from El Salvador. Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation Hardback.

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  • Murder, gender and the media: narratives of dangerous love.
  • Murder, Gender and the Media: Narratives of Dangerous Love.
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  • I thought something was wrong with me, that I was sick. In , this frantic, guilty consumption stopped altogether.

    I was in my senior year of college, just days away from graduation, when I learned that my best friend from high school had been murdered. The loss was unbearable.

    Domestic Violence Is Not a ‘Crime of Passion’

    It still is. I remember clicking around local news sites trying to learn more about what had happened, and screaming at ad pop-ups, hating them for interfering with my grieving. Since her loss, my consumption of this media has felt taboo and sick. Two years ago, a friend I adore and admire, who knew none of this, turned me onto My Favorite Murder. Georgia and Karen explained their near-compulsive need to know, to understand, to stay sexy and not get murdered. And I felt embraced.

    I felt understood. I felt like I had permission to dive back into murder-as-genre again, but this time, I could be open about it. Because this shit has happened in my life. My love of all things true crime and murder started when I was young. My mom got me into it. She was a huge murderino before that was a thing. I like to hear how cases are solved, about new innovations in forensics, and the psychology that is involved with these crimes. I also like to help keep these cases alive to keep the victims names out there.

    I lost my mom over a year ago, so talking about this is a bit of a struggle. These shows about murder are a way to keep my mom close to me.

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    To keep her spirit alive and to keep me sane. I was in first grade and it was summer vacation. I was eating lunch after a swim when I saw my aunt watching something: Unsolved Mysteries. This moment sparked my initial interest in unsolved crimes that still persists today.

    University Of Gloucestershire

    As I got older, I fell in love with Nancy Drew. I also quickly became a fan of the fictional crime because they were like a puzzle. When I discovered the ID channel, everything changed. My itch was being scratched for the real stories.

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    These things happen, and can happen to anyone, and the adrenaline rush caused by the fear is a part of the appeal. Throughout my whole life, I thought murder was this taboo thing to talk about. So of course I became obsessed with them! I just like to know how other people think. For some reason, the Casey Anthony case really stuck with me when I was a kid. During court, she acted like it was all a big inconvenience to her. I think watching that case added to my obsession. Casey Anthony sits with her attorneys before the start of her sentencing hearing on July 7, I grew up in a household where being kidnapped felt for some reason like a very real danger.

    The first news story I remember is the kidnapping and funeral of Polly Klaas.