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Continue Reading. Exactly on January 13, father pricillio jeronymo, then at 47 years old, took over the parish of Santo Antonio, in pirassununga, and already on this day celebrated his first monthly mass of the blessing of the breads of Saint Antonio.

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Very Dynamic and zealous with the material and spiritual goods of parish, stimulated the creation of the community of our lady of graces, in the garden of the lake. Due to his competence he was appointed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of limeira as the bishop of the northern region of the said Looking at the past, he always said that he had chosen the right path, that he was not afraid to walk through impossible shortcuts. Knew that his paths, far from giving nothing, were in them many stops that required him a lot of attention, understanding, right decisions. And he had them for all hours.

Father pricillio was always active in the parishes in which he practiced his ministry ordinand in the Roman Catholic Province of limeira. He was rector of the diocesan seminar st. John Maria Vianney, member of the council of priests and diocesan administrator in the period when the Roman Catholic Church was vacante, after the death of my predecessor, Dom Augusto Zini Son, in In , he suffered a fall in his home in macaws, when he was priest of the parish lord bom Jesus, a fact that brought him health complications over the last six years.

But what caught the attention of his faithful was his love and passion for the Corinthians team. Even during the mass and celebrations held there, we always found a way to talk about his Corinthians. Corinthian of body and soul. Wore shirt and cap alvi black At the beginning of the night of a Sunday, June 24, , at the age of 71, our dear father pricillio jeronymo, belonging to the church of limeira, died, a fact this occurred in the home of the Elderly of the nuns nuns in the city of leme-SP, where he lived his last months of life.

The wake took place at 06 pm on Monday, June 25, in the matrix our lady of Fatima, in macaws, SP, with body mass present, and the funeral, at 17 pm, at the municipal cemetery of Macaws. Helped me and a lot! Taught me the sense of the word humility! He was an extraordinary priest! In the bake was the first to grab the broom to make everything clean! Priest like him, is yet to be born!!! I speak it with happiness and certainty in my heart!!!

Thank you Lord God for the opportunity to have met and lived with this late priest-Brother!!! Any day friend, I believe I'll be back Finding you This was the last edition of the b2 series as in there was the reunification of series b1 and b2 - fourth and fifth divisions - into a single, officially called second division. On February 12th happened the first friendly of the team winning in the team of matonense by the score of 2 X1.

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This friendly was assisted by the entrepreneur osmar vila, who rode the team, and the ex goalkeeper, at the time, entrepreneur , who promised to bring players to c. The Championship started on April 18 with the victory of the c. In the return, playing away against the lemense new draw for the count of 2 X2. P 4th in the group ranking o-o for the next round.

In the second phase cap stayed in group 6 together with catanduvense, sev of votuporanga and the. This way, by one point he was eliminated from the championship. In the overall classification cap ranked 11th with 29 points won in 20 games, with 8 wins, 5 DRAWS AND 7 defeats, scoring 36 goals and suffering 29 , getting a balance of 7 goals. Dailton Germano: the dailtinho or germano Diary Sport Club He is the son of Vicente Germano and aparecida zero germano. He did his basic studies in the old school group altino antunes that existed within the current campus of USP.

The gym and high school did and concluded at the former institute of education. Started working very early, at the old izip, then cizip and current campus of USP.

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From to served military service at our air force academy. Since I was eight years old I'd like to hit a ball with kids. At Cizip went on to play in the team that existed there. In fact, it is difficult to find a football player in pirassununga who has not been through the sport club union, traditional team of our city. The's nickname was applied to him due to his low height. Others know him as germanus. The Champion was the ecu, from suzano and the runner-up was the capivariano.

Both have been promoted In this year two teams were played: Elosport and montenegro. The has been eliminated in the first phase. In the first phase the 16 clubs were divided into two groups with 8 teams each. Everyone played each other in turn and back The 4 Best rated clubs in each group advanced to the final stage.

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The last place of each group would be reduced to the series b3 in The Top 2 clubs were promoted to the b1 series of The first place of this phase was declared winner of the championship. Having 16 participating teams, goals were scored in matches, with an average of 3,12 goals per game. The great champion was the. The Vice Champion was barueri, both being promoted to the next series. In the first phase the c. The C. Came fourth ranking this way to Phase 2, the final phase. In the second phase the c. In 14 games played the scored 12 points won with 3 wins, 3 DRAWS AND 8 defeats, scoring 17 goals, suffering 26 and taking 7th place, being This way disqualified from the championship.

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The Jalesense, with 28 points was the champion and the barueri, with 27 points was the runner-up. Both Rose to the Series b1 In the overall classification of the championship the c. He has four grandchildren: Lucas, Maria Eduarda, vitinho and Livia.

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  • Many called it "Marcelino bread and wine". The Engraxates wore a grey jumpsuit the color of the shoe box. How Shoeshine worked for Prof. Villas Boas, who at the time lived on captain maneco street; for the family of Dr. Remember that on a Sunday in the morning he left the village Malachi, with his bike caloi, and went to the house of the family of the AFA Commander, there in the village of superior officers, near the aeronautical farm, to shine his shoes. It was also shot at the officer s' casino and in the flight bay where he had to wear jumpsuit, boot, cut hair and shaved beard.

    Remember with a lot of longing and happiness when your daughters fail you of the joy that they would experience when he put them in the hood of his bike caloi and climb the hill there near USP.

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    His family also lived in the field of the independent f. They were the guardians of the armando boito stadium in the village Malachi. He made up to the fifth grade, having studied in the school group vieira de moraes, then at Colonel Franco and the then institute of education. He was a member of the board of former corfaci, as 3th tax advisor, Vice President and soon after, President. By Decree , it was created in pirassununga in the municipal council of participation and development of the black community of pirassununga, where benedito marcelino, in the 90 s became president.

    The front of the Afro Brazilian Union held several events lectures, meetings, barbecues and was striking the realization of the miss afro girl competitions of pirassununga.

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    An attempt to revive society was held on October 13, , at the community center of vila hope, but few people attended the meeting. Santista Purple his daily mantle is a santos f shirt. C , I'd like to play football. Played a lot at Fazenda Santo Antonio and salon football for brapira. His position was right-tip, using its physical size.