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However, doing that felt like I was pigeonholing myself as a healthcare professional, even though I wanted to move away from that very industry. Recrafting your narrative turns out to be a key challenge for many career changers.

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Tip: As a career changer, invest extra time and effort in crafting your career narrative so others can more easily to connect the dots between what you have done and what you want to do. When I left the corporate marketing job to start my own career consultancy, I naturally felt more at ease with fellow marketers. I felt like an imposter around other solopreneurs, but being around those people helped push me toward gaining the clarity, confidence, and courage I needed to launch my own venture. Similarly, former tech marketer Noz Nozawa also decided her immediate professional network was not the best source of inspiration when planning to start her own interior design business.

Tip: Although it may feel unnatural, make the effort to surround yourself with people aligned with your desired future rather than only those from your past. One of the first lessons I was taught about negotiation skills was to define my walkaway point before entering into any negotiation. Former professional tennis player Rina Einy spent the first part of her life playing tennis on the world stage, even representing Great Britain in the Olympics.

However, after the Olympics, she decided to draw a line in the sand and pursue a corporate career instead.

Life Purpose - What should I do with my life?

He attributes his ability to make these radical pivots to being able to walk away from his past. Tip: To start a new chapter in your career, define what your walkaway point will be, commit to that standard, and be willing to move on when that line is crossed. Former software marketer Zai Divecha started to consider making a career change when she realized she was feeling so much more motivated by her side projects than her day job.

She had started a fundraising cycling team, and loved the feeling and energy she had when building something of her own.

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I knew I wanted to work for myself. I knew I wanted to be creative. Thinking about which activities energized her helped her uncover where to take her career. And according to recent studies, lacking a sense of purpose can be detrimental to your health as I found the hard way. One international study found that that people who have a sense of purpose in life are at lower risk of death and heart disease.

Researchers found that those who feel purpose often have healthier lifestyles. They are more motivated and resilient, which protects them from stress and burnout.

Researchers also found that while individuals from the U. They refer to this as ikigai pronounce ee-kee-guy.

The Compass - Self Navigation

In some sense, an ikigai can serve as a compass to navigate both career and life decisions, which it seems people crave for now more than ever. Before you think this sounds too pie-in-the-sky, consider what one researcher noted : ikigai is often not something grand or extraordinary. What better way, then, to discover a sustainable passion than by finding your ikigai? Understandably, once people become familiar with the concept of ikigai, they want to dive right in, tackle defining it like a discrete project, then leap into action based on the results of that project.

Rather than being something that you magically discover, your purpose unfolds and will evolve over time. Finding it requires a willingness for deep self-exploration and experimentation, and there are ways to work on that. Thoughtful reflection combined with action-taking can help you to uncover how your values, strengths, and skills can be brought to the foreground to help you find more meaning in your life and career—and the balance of ikigai.

Grab a journal and ask yourself the following questions:. Over the course of a few days or weeks, take notes as ideas and insights come to you. Most importantly, be radically honest with yourself. Be sure to include other life or career experiences that significantly inform your values. What kinds of themes are apparent? Are there obvious intersections among categories, or do they seem disparate? This process will take time. It can be hard to see yourself objectively, which is where getting outside feedback comes in.

I asked family and friends to anonymously tell me what they saw as my three best qualities. Taking assessments like StrengthsFinder and the VIA character strengths survey also helped me identify and create a vocabulary around my skills and traits. Ironically, qualities about myself that I took for granted were precisely what others saw as unique and valuable. Instead of downplaying my knack for empathy, their comments nudged me to look deeper at how I could leverage my sensitivity as a strength and pivot my career to focus on coaching, teaching, and writing.

Mapping out your answers to the questions above is helpful, especially if you feel stuck. There are all sorts of ways to create a map; experiment with whatever makes visual sense to you. Laura helped me narrow my focus, assisted with the dreaded resume writing, and ultimately helped me decide who and what I wanted to be.

I love my new business and I know none of it would be possible without her expertise, patience and ability to see my true potential.

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Navigating the world of career transition would be foolish without her guidance. I cannot thank you enough for your support in helping me re-think what is most important to me. She has a strong grasp of the needs her clients present and a compassionate professionalism that fulfills them and yet goes beyond. Although I've spoken with many fine Career Counselors, Laura has my highest recommendation. After six years practicing law with a large firm, I felt stuck and undecided about whether to pursue a partnership track. Laura helped me to sort out which aspects of my work I enjoyed and how I could integrate some of my other interests into my career.

Not every moment of every day will be blissful.

When I decided to leave the firm, Laura helped me to re-frame my experience and skills in a new resume that got immediate results. You have truly made my job search much easier than it otherwise would have been, and I greatly appreciate it. I have completed my application to University of Louisville and plan to begin in the Spring semester.

I really appreciate your assistance in helping me discover what type of career would be best for me. Thank you so much! I have consulted with her regularly for the last several years and believe her counsel has been an important element of my professional growth. While many candidates focus on short-term activities resumes, interviews, and search strategies to land the next job, few seekers expand that focus and invest the time on the more crucial activities -- long-term career assessments, planning and strategies.

This is where Laura truly stands apart from her peers. Your confidence and ideas helped me realize that I had to pursue my dreams! Here's a copy of my first article I really don't think I'd be anywhere with my career search without you and your insight. Media professional, Louisville, KY. I have been seeking a job counselor for two years and was very excited when I found your website. I really enjoyed our first meeting. You helped open my eyes and also helped validate my experience. No matter what comes down the pike, yesterday was a total success for me in terms of the retrospective view of my past history.

It helped place me in the context of where I am and why it is not a good fit. More than ever, I am ready to move forward. Thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness, insights, and knowledge.

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I started a couple of weeks ago, and while it's a bit strange coming back, I'm excited about my opportunities. I want to thank you for helping me on a new path, and allowing me to discover a better future.