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RTW Challenge 3 starts October This can be a tough time of the year to get out the door. But this morning, going out for my run just felt that little bit harder. I haven't realized how precious this RTW community has become to me. It is like an extended running family, a safe place to share everything running without rolling eyes and sighs from non-runners. It has become a place where I learn so much about running from reading everybody's posts and a place of immense encouragement!

I don't want to leave this place Run The World Global Run Challenge is a global event celebrating running, motivating the team, inspiring others and completing the goal. She ran and logged miles in 44 days. Most Inspiring: Lize Dumon set her goal to reach miles and she did that. She also motivated other team members in South Africa that she recruited to reach their goal as well Most Motivating: Aaron L. Salvador from the little country of Palau logged Best Performance: Willie Korir second photo from Kenya logged the most miles This is being shared with Joel Maina Mwangi also from Kenya who not only logged in Best Youngest performance: Zander Brister age 11 logged Best Oldest performance: Frank Bozanich age 74 logged miles.

Unhealthily so.

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Favorite Wilco songs? I'm equal parts scared and excited about my impending fatherhood. While people around me swear I'll make a good father, I'm of the belief that you never know until it is truly thrust upon you. Becca and I essentially moved in together three weeks after we met. Still kind of amazing for someone who's previous longest relationship was 4. I am a sports geek, although this has tempered itself and evolved over the years. I do seem to obsess on sports that either move slowly cricket, baseball or have limited scoring baseball, soccer.

I am a fantasy baseball dork. The Portland Hoods have a sweet eight year streak of one year great, one year bad going strong.

Though winning our league two years ago did score me the cash for a sweet new Garmin running watch. I am a bit obsessive compulsive about my running.

I used said Garmin to track every mile I ran during my last marathon training. Additionally, I will run around the block an extra time or two to meet a certain mileage goal but won't stop early if I'm already past a certain mile marker. I've run a whopping two marathons, both in state capitols St. Paul, Sacramento. Unfortunately qualifying for Boston in has stopped that streak cold.

Senior Class Celebrates With End of Year Trips

And yes, I do realize this still qualifies me as a freak. Louis , have been in the locker rooms in Fenway, touched the Green Monster yet have never been to a live game in Fenway. I am a proud Eagle Scout. While the Boy Scouts themselves are not exactly a popular organization to associate with nowadays, I still believe it was and is a great way for kids to get into the outdoors and spend time with kids their own age.

I skipped the third grade. Technically since our school district ran on the track system, I never finished second grade either. I literally went from second grade on a Friday to the start of fourth grade on a Monday. Explains why my grade school skills are always a little hit and miss. I am left handed throwing a ball, playing darts, playing pool, etc. I am right handed hitting a tennis racket, throwing a frisbee and playing golf. I write right handed. I eat ambidextrously. Out of these the only one I typically find the time to consistently watch is the Sox.

Our Promise

I've had the fortune to spend 15 months traveling around the world. I highly recommend it to everyone. We wrote about it on our blog and it was interesting to see how much I was able to write, keep a journal, etc. Once we got home? Both have suffered tremendously.

That being said, I still have a life goal of either putting some of our travels into a group of essays or working with my dad to do a children's book based on some of our experiences. Not sure which or either will ever happen but they stay on my life goal list. Yes, I have a life goal list. Dorky I know but it does keep in perspective the things and situations you want out of life.

It helps to have as well to serve as an anchor when things start to get out of control and you lose sight of the important things, whatever you've defined those as for yourself. I've eaten a pound of Boston baked beans the candy kind in one sitting. You will definitely leave with full stomachs and very satisfied tastebuds. Looking for a real meal, but not really into seafood? Tiger Mama is another excellent Fenway restaurant with a unique twist on Thai food classics.

Their Pad Thai dish is one of my personal favorites, but one of the great things about this place is they have a lot of small plate options, so you can try many different things.

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One of the best barbecue restaurants in Boston happens to be right down the street from Fenway Park! Sweet Checks is home to some extravagant meat trays, pulled pork sandwiches, and refreshing cocktails. Not to mention, their warm biscuits might be some of the best biscuits I have ever tasted. Another new addition to the Fenway neighborhood, is the ever popular Tatte Bakery and Cafe.

Here you can find delicious sandwiches, salads, pastries, and a wide array of delicious coffees and other beverages. This is definitely a great spot if you are looking for something quick and casual, but still delicious, before the game. You will quickly see why this has become a local favorite in Boston!

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